Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I have not realized until lately that the documentary I have been making, which was produced by my cousins Kay Arrieta Kenaston and Mimi Arrieta was so moving. It does not only speak of a family, but it is more of a struggle by five brothers from the hinthermost sitio of Casit-An, in Libacao, Aklan. It is about their determination and the will to surpass the challenges in life. It is about a dream to attain a certain degree of education, stature in life and a place in a society.

It is about a challenge, a dream, which these brothers painstakingly achieved and after reaching the height of their success, remained so humble, to share their bounty for others to emulate. It is about family, love and bonding ofthe Arrieta and the Rodrigazo, who, were bonded by destiny, for others to know the true meaning of love, devotion, perseverance and unselfish desire to help others. It has been an honor to be a part of this family and to document history as it unfolds into our very eyes for others to emulate.

To Kay, Mimi, Manong Pete, Tiya'y Elpha, Tiyo'y Poling, my mother, Zenaida, my sisters, brother, my cousins, our extended family from Libacao, Aklan, Murcia to Negros Occidental and all the rest, the people I have been through from all over the country. It is from them that I learned the true meaning of the creed: "Primedeo Pro Patria". A Latin word, which describes the beginning.

We were born without nothing, it is God that has given us everything, it is Honor that makes us a person and it is our Country or the place and people where we begun that makes us as a person. Napoleon and his brothers lived by this creed. Napoleon returned to his people and Libacao, where he begun: